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Safety Shoes

Black Hammer has been in the shoe industry since 1993. A humble beginning from a cottage size manufacturing OEM for some international leading brands in Malaysia, the company decided to manufacture shoes that is not a trend follower but a trend setter. They saw the need of the niche target customers – focusing on Architects Site Supervisors Engineers to eliminate the need for two pairs of shoes, for site and for office. That’s how they started to design safety shoes that is “sexy” for both at work and play. Combining fashion and safety features into the industrial boots, the Black Hammer safety shoe was created. The safety shoes focus on safety without compromising the ecstatic design.


The Black Hammer X-Series is the crossovers of the Black Hammer quality and the active sporty lifestyle. Blending the best of both worlds, X-Series are for who seeks beauty & safety.

Safety footwear
to the street &
to the workplace